Biology I Syllabus

  Welcome to Biology1 at PHS. I’m Coach Kyle Hardaway, and I’ll be your Biology I teacher this year. What you learn will be very much up to you. I will present information to you in various ways. If you pay attention, class will be easy, and you’ll learn a lot. Otherwise, this will be a hard class. Biology is probably the most important class you will take in high school. It is the study of life. We are living beings sharing a finite planet with millions of other living things. If we are ignorant, and gradually degrade our earth, then we die. Knowledge is Power. (It might even win you a million dollars)

Class Rules:

  • Keep potty mouths and hands to yourself. (Accentuate the Positive)
  • Come prepared with book, paper, and pen.
  • Bring Biology note book every day!!!
  • Always try your best.
  • Simplified version of the rules…WORK HARD, BE NICE!

    Grading Policy

    Each quarter the student has the opportunity to accumulate approximately 1000 points in Biology. Daily work accounts for about 400 points, tests and quizzes 400, and your final exam will be worth 200. If you have no unexcused tardies or only one absence during the quarter, you may be exempt from taking the final test. If you are exempt, but you would like the opportunity to raise your grade, you may take the final, at no risk of lowering your grade. You will be expected to keep up with your grade on your assignment grade sheet. I will check it periodically during the semester as an assignment grade. You will also be keeping your assignments, notes, and tests in a Bio 1 three ring binder. This will be worth a test grade at the end of each quarter.

    Bonus Points

    You will have several opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the year by doing vocabulary words and/or other activities provided by me. If you do the bonus, often, it assists you in studying for upcoming tests. I greatly encourage you to get the relatively "free" points.


    You may have one absence or unexcused tardy per quarter, and still qualify for the exemption policy. Failure to bring all supplies to class is considered an unexcused tardy. Please be responsible for your life.

    Daily Assignments

    Daily assignments will be worth points. It is imperative that you grade assignments on time, in order to prevent a deduction of points from a late "fee".

    1 day late = 20% deduction
    2 days to a week = 30% off
    more than a week = 40% off

    Late work will be accepted up until the Friday before finals week.

    You will need to be able to communicate in writing for some of the assignments in this class. Therefore, assignments will be turned in with the following heading:


    Course Outline

    Fall Semester Chpt.

    Unit One: Biology and the Scientific Method (Chapter 1)
    General Chemistry & Biochemistry (Chapter 2)
    Unit Two: Ecology Unit (Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6)
    Unit Three: Cell (Chapter 7)
    Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration (Chapters 8, 9)
    Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis (Chapter 12)
    Cell Reproduction (Chapter 10)
    Unit Four: Genetic Fundamentals (Chapters 11, 13, 14)
    Inheritance and Gene Expression,
    DNA Technology

    Fall Semester

    Unit Six: Microorganisms and Fungi 19-21
    Unit Seven: Plantae 22-25
    Unit Five: Evolution, Classification/Embryology 15-18
    Unit Eight: Invertebrates 26-29
    Unit Nine: Chordata and Vertebrates 30-34
    Unit Ten: Human Biology 35-40
    Unit Eleven: Anatomy, Physiology, and Drugs



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